Microsoft Gives The Bing Homepage On Mobile A New Design With Cards Layout

AH Bing 1

If you use Bing as your primary search engine, Microsoft has just revamped the mobile version of Bing with a new design and interface for Android users. Things should generally feel more fluid and easier to navigate, and with the redesign it adds to Microsoft’s list of changes they’re making to offer a more user friendly and open approach with their software for multiple platforms. While Bing has never been platform specific, the fact that Microsoft has taken the time to redesign the mobile version of Bing for those who browse the site on Android shows they’re committed to pleasing all of their users regardless of platform.

In the list of changes with the redesign, Microsoft gave the user interface of the Bing homepage a face lift, and have applied a “swipe-up card design” showing the snippets of information in a card like style similar to what you might find with Google Now, although the cards do look quite different from Google Now’s cards. In addition to placing things in a card style layout, the color scheme is translucent showing the card panels as a darker translucent set over the top of the image backdrop. Microsoft has also incorporated the image of the day, which changes daily and users can interact with it by tapping on the image to learn more details about the chose picture.

If you like keeping up on hot topics, the Bing homepage also now holds a “popular now” card in the set of things listed when you bring up the website, which you can tap on to find out more details and headlines about the most popular articles, topics, and pages being read, viewed, and discussed at that point in time. For example, topics like the supercollider coming back on, and Game Of Thrones. At the start of the day, Microsoft selects the top trending stories and places them under the popular now card, and they even update them throughout the course of the day so the stories are always fresh and you have something new to read. Microsoft also found that many users of Bing were also heavy users of Bing Rewards, which is why they chose to incorporate a brand new Bing Rewards card into the homepage that’s now available through Android browsers. The new layout and changes are live now, so you can check them out at any point in time just by directing your Android browser to Bing.com.