Meizu: We've Sold 2 Million Smartphones Last Month

Meizu sales Q1 2015

Meizu has really stepped up their game last year. The company has unveiled a number of really solid, premium built devices last year and their prices were more than affordable. This China-based company is operating in China at the moment, though their devices are available outside of Asia via resellers at the moment. Meizu has recently teased their arrival to the Indian market, and it seems other markets could follow soon after. Alibaba has invested $590 million in Meizu a while back, and that will certainly help the company move their plans forward.

A Chinese analyst, Sun Changxu, has revealed Meizu’s sales number for Q1 2015 quite recently. Well, the company has decided to officially announce how many devices they sold, and it seems like the analyst was more or less spot on. Meizu did not reveal too many details here, but the company did confirm that they sold more than 2 million devices last month. These are commendable results for this company considering that they managed to sell “only” 1 million units last December. Meizu has no intentions on stopping here though, they want to up their sales number quite a bit.

Looking back, Meizu has announced 4 Android-powered smartphones since September 2014. Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro were unveiled as the company’s flagships, and the M1 Note and M1 smartphones are the company’s mid-range offerings. All of these devices are very affordable for what they have to offer, and Meizu puts a huge emphasis on their build quality. This Chinese smartphone vendor is still a long way from the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei as far as sales number go, but considering their growth rate, that might change soon.

Meizu is expected to announce a number of devices this year, including the MX5 and MX5 Pro handsets, which will most likely be the most popular handsets from the company in 2015. We’ve already seen some MX5 leaks and rumors, but the handset will quite probably be announced in late Q3, so there’s still plenty of time for additional information to surface. As a side note, we’ve recently reviewed the M1 Note handset, click here if you’d like to check it out.