Meizu MX4 Pro Android Lollipop Update Rolling Out Now

meizu flyme

Once upon a time it seemed that major updates to Android simply didn’t happen for many phones, even big flagship phones.  Even when it did phones could take up to a year or more before they ever saw an official update from the original manufacturer, forcing users of the phone to find a custom solution for an unofficial update.  Thankfully Android 5.0 Lollipop has changed the game and it seems like more manufacturers than ever are supporting Google’s latest OS with updates for phones that are even years old in many cases.  The latest phone to be granted the honor of a Lollipop update is the Meizu MX4 Pro, which we reviewed shortly after its release late last year.  MX4 Pro users should be seeing this come across their phones as an over-the-air update if it hasn’t already.

This marks about a 5 month wait from when the device was actually launched until the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update has been released.  We’ve seen the ROM in beta testing for about a month or so and are pleasantly surprised to see how quickly Meizu has taken it from the beta to final stages of release.  What’s a bit peculiar here is that it’s still running Flyme OS 4.5.1 instead of the Flyme OS 5.0 as was said to be in beta.  It’s possible this next version is in the works and this is just a base to build it on but we’re not fully sure at the moment.  What we do know is that this update seems to bring tons of Lollipop goodness with it, including significant performance improvements thanks to the Android Runtime (ART) replacing Dalvik in Lollipop.

In addition to that users will see enhanced animations and improved battery performance too.  It’s being reported that the home button is much more responsive to touch now than before, likely a design change rather than anything else on Meizu’s part.  Digipassion is also reporting that overheating issues they were having with the phone are now gone, although we never experienced this problem when using the phone so your mileage may vary here.  Overall this seems to be a pretty phenomenal update from Meizu and one we should be seeing on the rest of the MX series of phones in the near future too, which is rather refreshing to see as well.