Luxottica CEO: Google Glass 2 Coming Soon And Third Version Already Being Considered


Since the start of the year, there has been some wide speculation around one of Google's more novel projects. Google Glass. The idea behind the face wearable was one which seemed to attract mixed feelings from the public. While some thought it was futuristic enough to be attractive, others thought it was actually too futuristic and not something which was practical enough to be mainstream. As such, the general opinion seems to be split and remained well and truly 'out' on whether Glass was a viable product.

As such, when the news broke that Glass was being 'relocated' and 'graduated', many saw this as some sort of abandoning of the project by Google. Even in spite of the company allocating the project to Nest's chief, Tony Fadell. Of course, what followed was multiple reports suggesting how Glass is anything but dead. In fact, it was just transitioning from its current status and form into its next iteration. As such, over the last few weeks more details have started to emerge of this next rendition of the wearable. That said, the details have been anything but confirming and instead, much more speculative and based on patents which have been filed by the company. Some of the suggestions have been for the inclusion of eye-tracking technology and also the moving of the prism from one side of the device to the other.


Well, Glass is far from dead. In fact, 'Google Glass 2' as it seems to be referred to recently, is not the only rendition of Glass, Google are working on. At least that it was the latest news seems to be according to a report from WSJ (source link below). Massimo Vian, the CEO of Luxottica (who happens to be a partner c0mpany of Google) has been speaking at a company event and was noted commented that they are currently working on "how to interpret version 3". 'Version 3', being the third rendition of Glass. Vian went on to explain that "What you saw was version 1. We're now working on version 2, which is in preparation". Of course, no firm details were provided on how far they are down the road with version 2, let alone a version 3. That said, Vian did at least state that version 2 will be out soon. Of course, how soon that is, still remains an unknown for now.

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