It Looks Like The Meizu MX4 Pro May Be Getting Android Lollipop Soon

AH Meizu Logo MX4 Pro 3

A leaked image of the details page from a Chinese Meizu MX4 Pro contains something a little interesting. On the leaked image of the details page, you will take notice of the Android version that the device is running, Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. Said leaked screenshot came from an AnTuTu benchmark that was run on the Meizu MX4 Pro and if you don't already know, the Meizu MX4 Pro does not currently run Android Lollipop officially. Although, last month a Flyme roadmap was released that detailed when the more recent Meizu phones would be receiving Android Lollipop. This roadmap showed that the Meizu MX4 Pro would be receiving the update sometime in April, this month.

With an official release date for the Android Lollipop update set for sometime this month and now a leaked screenshot showing that some devices are already running the update, things are looking good for Meizu MX4 Pro owners. A lot of the time carriers will put out release windows or even specific release dates for device software updates and will end up missing those dates, this is obviously not a good thing and tends to upset customers. Though with the Lollipop update for the Meizu MX4 Pro, it seems like the update will be happening as predicted.


It is important to point out that this leaked screenshot could be from a Meizu MX4 running a very early and unstable build of Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. This possibility could mean that the Lollipop update for this device may not necessarily be right around the corner. This is something worth mentioning so that owners of the device don't get their hopes up too high just yet from this screenshot.

Other Meizu devices set to receive an update to Android Lollipop in the near future are the MX4, MX3 and MX2. With the MX4 set to receive the update this month and the MX3 and MX2 set to receive them next month. If you look a little farther into the future, into June, both the M1 and M1 Note will be receiving the Android Lollipop then.


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