LG's Official Accessories Detailed Alongside The LG G4

LG G4 AH 24

Details have started to emerge online for the LG G4, LG’s latest flagship handset set to release tomorrow in South Korea. If you’re still in the dark about what the LG G4 will offer or why it may be a perfect match for you, then today’s announcement has detailed exactly what makes the LG G4 special. However, if you’re set on picking up the LG G4 when the handset launches, then there’s a good chance you might be interested in picking up some accessories too. Naturally most consumers who pick up a premium handset will want to assure that it’s safely protected from drops and scuffs. LG is providing a nice range of different cases and back covers one of which is something we’ve seen frequently leading up to the LG G4 announcement. The premium leather backing with designed stitching, has been teased before the LG G4 and it just happens to be one of the backings sold separately when the smartphone launches. These leather backings take twelve weeks to manufacture according to LG and will come in a variety of colors.

Those who do not find leather all that appealing can opt for a plastic case featuring LG’s “hammered pattern” that comes with a ceramic coating. These plastic cases are transparent and will be a bit cheaper, compared to the more premium leather-based backings. Of course, the leather and plastic based cases only cover the rear side of your LG G4. Another option is to go for the Quick Circle based cases (shown above) which cover the rear and front facing display. We’ve actually seen LG use the Quick Circle cases in the past with the LG G3. These cases cover most of the front facing display with a small circle cut-out to showcase certain settings and notifications. LG specifically designed the LG G4 user interface to allow consumers the ability to view notifications, the time, control the music player, and answer calls along with various other settings just from viewing the small circle cut-out.

Lastly, LG will be supplying the QuadBeat 3 headphones with the LG G4. Consumers should expect to see built-in mic and line controls similar to the previous QuadBeat 2 from LG. However, it’s important to note that only certain markets will include these headphones with the purchase of the LG G4. Certain markets, like the United States, typically has to purchase these headphones separately.