Landvo Lands Another Clone, This Time the Galaxy S6

landvo s6

Clones, clones everywhere!  This is usually what happens when a phone as big as the Samsung Galaxy S6 launches, with various Chinese manufacturers scrambling to make a phone that looks like the original, but costs significantly less.  Often, these clones visually look similar but feature a different skin of Android altogether, making the actual usage of the phone quite different from usual.  To keep the price down the components used in manufacturing are often much cheaper, switching out more powerful CPUs for cheaper, less powerful ones, lower resolution screens, etc.  Most of the time though this practice still results in a phone that’s great for everyday use, even if it’s not in the same caliber as the original phone.

At around $110 the Landvo S6 is a Galaxy S6 clone that looks and feels exactly as the original does, even down to the 6.8mm thickness of the body.  The screen on the device, also called the S6, is a 720p HD resolution, which is one-quarter the resolution of the aptly named Quad-HD display on the Samsung Galaxy S6.  The device is backed up by 1GB of RAM for decent multitasking performance and powering the experience is a quad-core MediaTek MT6582 processor.  MediaTek’s MT6582 has been shown to be quite a beast for the price in other phones we’ve reviewed and should perform quite nicely given the resolution here.  The whole experience is run by Android 5.0 Lollipop and seems to emulate the experience on the original S6 including the lockscreen design and wallpaper.

This isn’t Landvo’s first time around the merry-go-round of clone devices either, as they’ve released a number of different ones most notably a OnePlus One clone back in August.  It’s also not the first Galaxy S6 clone we’ve seen either, as No. 1 has also cloned the S6 with almost identical specs but a clearly different skin of Android 5.0.  What’s odd about Landvo’s version here is that the pre-order campaign has mysteriously disappeared from some Chinese retailer websites and even Landvo’s website is down right now.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it’s all a little bit odd for sure.  Check out Landvo’s website below for more info when it’s back online.