John Legere Explains Why It Was A "No-Brainer" For T-Mobile To Partner With Google On Project Fi


Although Google have only just officially unveiled their plans for their MVNO service, dubbed 'Project Fi', the service had been rumored for some time. In fact, it was only yesterday when reports started emerging that today was going to be the day in which the service was officially introduced. Like clockwork, that is exactly what has just happened and Google have unveiled Project Fi. In terms of the details, and again as previously rumored, Project Fi will allow users to make the most of both Sprint's and T-Mobile's networks. Essentially, allowing the user to bounce between the two when the signal is better on one than on the other.

Well, as T-Mobile are a 'partner' in this latest Google venture, it should not come as much of a surprise that outspoken T-Mobile frontman, John Legere, had a few words to say on the matter. The T-mobile CEO has released a blog post (source link below) further introducing Project Fi and detailing why T-Mobile agreed to take part in the project. The big headliner form Legere's blog post (and in typical Legere fashion), is Legere stated that the partnering with Google on Fi was a "no-brainer", as the Mountain View company has established themselves as a "technology innovator". Further adding (and in line with their general un-carrier ethos) "Anything that shakes up the industry status quo is a good thingâ€"for both US wireless customers and T-Mobile". In fact, Legere goes on to explain how far back the 'partnership' between T-Mobile and Goggle goes, even name-dropping the 2008 T-Mobile G1.


In terms of Fi, Legere goes on to point out that he believes one of the best features of the service is the ability to bounce between WiFi and cellular services so that the end-user can experience the fastest signal possible, at any given time. Interestingly, Legere also took the opportunity to point out that in spite of the benefits of Fi, it still does not offer all of the features you can expect with T-Mobile "And, while Project Fi may not include all of T-Mobile's latest network innovations âˆ' like HD Voice or next-gen Wi-Fi Calling for seamless handoffs between LTE and Wi-Fi -we've worked with Google so they can offer up international roaming in over 100 countries and destinations". If you are interested in reading Legere's post in full, then you can by clicking the source link below.

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