International Galaxy S6 Edge Getting Android 5.0.2 Update Now


The feeling of getting that shiny new phone is something that's not often matched in the world of technology.  Unwrapping the box and pulling the phone out for the first time is like going back to Christmas as a child.  The glow of the new ultra-high resolution screen off your smiling mug shows everyone around you just how happy you are with your purchase.  That is until you head to the about phone screen and see that you're already one version of Android behind, and who knows how many more you'll be before the next update is out.  Google is well known for releasing constant updates to its Android operating system, and as such it takes a little bit of time to get these updates working on all the different kinds of Android phones out there.

Google's minor update of Android 5.0.2 is officially rolling out to the International version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge right now.  Users of the SM-G925 variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge should head on over to system settings, scroll down to about phone and check that little software updates section of their phone to see if it's available.  If it's not there just yet don't worry, these things are always done in staged rollouts and it may take a day or two before your specific phone gets the update.  Included in the 250.53MB update are the changes and fixes Google made to Android 5.0 when 5.0.2 originally released, as well as a couple of updates for Samsung apps built in to the phone.  Specifically we're looking at updates for the S Planner, Email, Music apps and likely a handful of others as well.


Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge officially launch today on a number of US carriers and Internationally as well.  You can purchase your own International Galaxy S6 Edge at Amazon, which includes a $35 app starter pack specifically for the Galaxy S6.  US carriers like AT&T also have the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge available today, so if you're interested in one you should be able to pop into a carrier-themed store near you and check out for yourself.  If you feel so inclined you'll likely be able to walk out of the store with one too, after paying for it of course.

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