Huawei: We Did Not Infringe On ZTE's Camera Patents

Huawei Logo AH7

Earlier today we reported on ZTE taking legal action against Huawei. ZTE’s reasoning for taking Huawei straight to court was for claimed patent infringements. According to ZTE, Huawei had infringed on two patents that are based around the camera functionality. While only one handset is believed to be infringing the patents, that being Honor X2, ZTE is also keeping a close eye on the Huawei P8 which was officially announced earlier this month. Huawei didn’t wait very long before making any public statements on the matter and from the look of things, the handset company will not be backing down from ZTE’s legal threats and claims.

In one of the patents supposedly Huawei had infringed upon, dealt with how the camera shutter works, in this case, ZTE’s new “Slow Shutter and Capture Technology”. Huawei stated that the slow shutter or multi-frame synthesis technology is the very basis of photography. Not only does Huawei include this technology within their handset devices but also claims that other vendors implement the very same technology through various techniques.

Additionally, the Chinese based manufacturer also claims that their recently developed smartphones, the Glory X2, and the Huawei P8, include the company’s own self-developed algorithm and technology for the slow shutter photography capture, but they did not state directly if these technologies have already patents placed that are already approved.

According to Huawei, they currently have a number of different application patents and hold a great amount of respect for the intellectual property of others. However, the company feels it’s just as important to protect their very own intellectual property as well. With these statements given, it would seem as if Huawei will not be swayed by the demands from ZTE. While it’s possible that both Chinese manufacturers can settle their disputes out of court, we will likely see the two take legal action against one another. We’ll of course keep you updated on the very latest.