HTC To Send Out Last Minute Software Updates To Fix Reported One M9 Camera Issues

Earlier today in a last ditch effort to make HTC's new release smartphone, the HTC One M9, as good of a handset that it can possibly be, HTC is sending out a software update package to try and resolve as many issues as the company can before launching tomorrow the device onto carriers around the globe tomrrow. The reason is because so many people have had complaints about a certain piece of hardware. This update is primarily for, of course, the camera. Verizon already has the corrective software update, and it will be on board the flagship phone by tomorrow so when the carrier turns the phone on the first time, the software should be updated.

Any customer who has the device already through the pre-ordering process online will receive the software in due time. Ideally, Sprint will get an OTA (over the air) update tomorrow, and T-Mobile and AT&T owners can expect the software update to arrive sometime next week according to current reports. The 20 megapixel single lensed camera has been quite a bit of an issue with reviewers and early adopters, mainly because of consistency when taking pictures, having problems with focus, color saturation, and light sensitivity. HTC had switched from its infamous ultra pixel camera because of customer complaints with the M7 and M8 models, hoping to remove that hot-button issue.

Now it's headed for a repeat of the same thing, but could it possibly be the Toshiba sensor causing the problems instead. If that's what it turns out to be, and no software update can fix this problem, again, then this could be a rough season for the smartphone manufacturer. Of course, it wouldn't be the first hurdle they've had to overcome since announcing the One M9. The company was at the heart of the controversy surrounding the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, and the issues with the accusations of overheating to egg-frying temperatures. The overheating issue was overblown to say the least, of course, and this took three days to put to rest with another software update. If HTC and the One M9 overcame that, then it should resolve this issue with time, good public relations, and then possibly, the next flagship.

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