HTC's "Secret Weapon is Coming Soon", But what is it?

HTC has been establishing a brand outside of the smartphone arena recently, with wearable technology like the HTC VIVE, which appeared to be a big hit at MWC 2015. The HTC GRIP was shown to the world in Barcelona as well. However, if you had looked at Chief Marketing Officer Idris Mootee's Facebook page recently, you will find that maybe, just maybe, that is not quite everything HTC has been working on this year. Now this is NOT any sort of announced product, but HTC recently posted pictures of a VR type headset. The pictures have the caption "secret weapon coming soon".

The first photo of a series of three has the front of the headset, it's pretty much a really good quality set of goggles with either sensors or something similar set about every inch or so. The glasses have a silver frame, looking almost the gun-metal gray color that has become a signature color for the M9, launched earlier this year. The second picture is worth a thousand words, as it looks to be a very scaled-down version of almost any VR design to date. You certainly can't fit the M9 in that curved headset. Upon closer inspection, you can see where the control for focus adjustments would be, along with what could be an integrated audio setup, looking at the sides close and there is a stabilizer for the upper part of the unit. The third photo of the series looks like something straight from the Terminator movies, with what could be the layer between the front sensor unit and the viewer in the back of the device.

Now as had stated, given the time of year (April 1st), this could be an April Fools joke run wild... after all, the pictures have been removed from the Facebook page now. Could this, since Google has recently killed off the Explorer program, be an HTC version of a Google Glass replacement. Eric Schmidt said that Google Glass wasn't dead. Maybe they're going to license Google Glass out, like the NEXUS line of smartphones. It's probably too early for a second generation of the VIVE, that hasn't really gone too far into any kind of launch announcement yet. Or, as someone at our website said, "some cool ski goggles cause summer is almost here". Whatever they appear to be, if this " secret weapon" is coming soon, then we'll be here when it happens.


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