How To Root The Samsung Galaxy S6 Or The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Okay, here you got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 or a shiny new Galaxy S6 Edge, but you can't quite get it to do exactly what you want, or maybe you want to go into the system sounds and change them to… Oh, let's say you want to replace the sound files for the startup to Jarvis' voice. Well here is how to root the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge to do just that.

We are not responsible if you break the phone from the root or if you didn't follow directions that were published by Chainfire.


First, download the latest ODIN software, you can find that either through a Google search or, if you are a member of XDA Developers, search the forums for the software and drivers you need. Here's a quick note. If you have never done this before, we wouldn't advise that you attempt this without reading the forums very thoroughly. We can't tell you how many times we've bricked a phone because we missed something important. So be careful.

Then, on to the rooting software, you should go to and search for your device, or check the link at the bottom of the page. And now, another warning, be sure to check for your specific device, for example if you attempt to root by using a file for AT&T and you have a T-Mobile variant, you could turn your shiny new phone into a shiny expensive brick. Also, read the tutorial that goes along with the file.. again. Just be overly cautious when attempting to root. You should also find chain fire's Super SU file and download that as well. Without it the root will not take hold.

Once you have read all the instructions and you have your software, unzip the file. You will need extraction software if you don't have it, find and download a free extractor, I've used 7zip, but you can get whatever you wish. At the end of the extraction, you should end up with a recovery.img and a cache.img these are image files, you've extracted twice. You need to end up with a tar.md5 file. Please don't extract that one because if you do, it simply won't work. Then disconnect your phone from your computer via the USB cable.


Start Odin3-vX.X.exe.
Click the PDA button, and select the tar.md5 file

Turn off the phone.
Put the phone into download mode. (Volume down +power +home button)

The phone should then restart with a kind of menu screen, read what button you need to press to enter download mode, then press the button. Connect the USB cable back to the phone. Make sure your repartition is not checked. Press Start.


Wait for a little while as the ODIN software will tell you when it's done and then the phone will reboot. The software will also give a pass/fail message. When it says pass…You're done.

When the phone turns on the first time, it should boot into recovery mode, at which point SuperSu will install. Then the phone will reboot again, once it is on, check out the application drawer and you should find the Super SU icon in place, that will give applications the ability to have root access. You should also download a file explorer. Then you can access the system files if you want to. Remember rooting is not for the faint of heart.