Google's Project Fi App Now Available To Download From The Play Store


Over the last few weeks, there has been much speculation about a project Google were rumored to be working on. Of course, Google are always rumored to be working on something and as such, there is always speculation around the Mountain View company and their rather wide range of on-the-go projects. However, one in particular was gaining a lot of traction in the news recently. It was not surprising though, as the rumor was that Google was working on their own MVNO service which was due to launch sooner rather than later.

Then of course, last week Google did go and announce the launch of Project Fi. For those who missed the earlier stories, Project Fi is an MVNO service provided by Google. However, it is not open to everyone. In fact, its launch is incredibly limited with only owners of the Nexus 6 being able to currently take advantage of the service. One of the unique aspects of the service, is that it utilizes networks offered by both Sprint and T-Mobile. Therefore, offering users the ability to use whichever network is better at the time and location of the device. Not to mention, pricing was also one of the big selling points for Fi. You can read more about Fi's pricing by clicking here, although the thick of it consists of $20 per month for the basic service with a $10 add-on charge for each GB of data wanted or used. Not forgetting, Google are prepared to refund users back for data not used at the end of each month.


Well, if you do own a Nexus 6 and are or have been planning on taking advantage of Project Fi, then you might want to head over to the Play Store (source link below), as it looks like Google has just made the Project Fi app live. According to the Play Store listing, the app will offer Project Fi users the ability to activate their account, manage their account settings, see statements and check data usage. Not to mention, offer 24/7 support. Interestingly, although the service is only due to be available to Nexus 6 owners, the app does seem to be downloadable to a number of devices. Of course, until a wider roll out of the service occurs, the app usage for devices other than the Nexus 6, will be limited. Either way, you can grab your copy by clicking the source link below.

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