Google's Classroom Receives Collaboration Feature As Well As Improved Grading And Notifications

In recent times, Google has been on a bit of a roll out with their services. The idea behind this rollout is to branch into other areas of you and your families lives. A prime example of this came in the form of the recently announced Android for Work program which google have now launched. The idea behind this is to offer Google users the ability to use a singular device for both personal and work use. The profiles will be separated at the system level and effectively will act as two different devices. Well, the work arena is only one are Google are interested in. Another is education and this is why Google also announced their Google for Education program back in 2013.

Since then the program has been expanding quite rapidly and quite recently saw a new addition coming in app form which went by the name of Classroom. The idea behind this was to offer teachers and students another way to interact. In fact, the Google for Education program includes a variety of apps and services designed to help students and teachers connect more effectively. In a blog post today, Google have announced that Classroom has received an update which will further help to make the connection process more effective.

The notable change in the update comes in the form of collaborations and now allows other teachers to manage and edit Classroom classes. This will be of most use to substitute teachers, teacher's aides and so on and will allow other people to do what the 'Primary Teacher' can do. To take advantage of the new feature, the Primary teacher just needs to go to the Class's About page and hit "Invite teacher". Once the teacher has accepted the invite, they will also be able to create assignments, make announcements, grade submissions and answer questions in the comments

Other notable changes include the ability to save announcements or assignments as 'drafts'. This will allow teachers to prep before hand and then simply send out the announcements or assignments when they are ready and without having to work on the fly. Not to mention, the blog also details that the notifications have been improved as has the grading feature, which now allows saving of grades on an 'as done' basis. If you are interested in knowing more then you can read the full Google for Education blog post by clicking the source link below.

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