Google Updates The Play Store To Version 5.4 With Minor Visual Change To Status Bar

Google has started the update process for the Play Store app on Android devices today which brings in one minor change, and although it may take a few days before it rolls out to everybody as these things usually do, we have the apk download for you here if you wish to speed the process up and grab it immediately instead fo waiting. Usually app updates tend to happen on Wednesdays when it comes to Google apps, but once in a while we see Google throw out an app update on other days of the week like with the Play Store today, which brings it forward to version 5.4.

As for what's changed, as we said it's only a minor change and there only appears to be one tweak, which is the status bar up at the top of the display. Prior to this update, the status bar would match the color of the content category you were in, so if you were in movies the status bar would be red and if you were in apps or games it would be green etc. Now, after users update the Play Store to version 5.4 the status bar is transparent so as to display the banner image in its entirety, stretching all the way to the edge of the display until you start to scroll down the page to view more of the context of whatever it is you're looking at. You can view these changes in the screen shots below.

That's basically it when it comes to new things or tweaks here, as we haven't noticed anything else. It's truly the most minor of visual changes and really does nothing to change the functionality of the app, but it makes for a nice appealing design. If you have qualms about downloading apk files outside of their natural update process you can always wait for the update to hit your device on its own,  which shouldn't take too long.

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