Google Updates Docs, Sheets, Slides, And Drive With New Features On Android Devices

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It’s update Wednesday for some Google-based applications, and this time around (so far today, at least) Google has updated all of the apps associated with office suite type services, which includes Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Like always, users can likely expect some bug fixes and improvements to be included along with the update to these applications, as that is usually the case when things get sent down the update pipeline. There is a bit of new functionality here too though for those who use these apps on their Android devices, and they’re actually pretty useful additions.

The first change applies to docs, sheets, and slides, and is in direct relation to sharing documents with others for commenting and editing parts of those documents. While sharing files with others so they can edit and comment on them is not new in today’s update to the apps, there is now a new functionality on Android devices that lets the original owner of those files, (the one who initially shared everything) reject any changes in the form of comments or edits made to the documents shared with others. In turn users can also choose to accept the changes made or the comments left on anything that’s been shared with others.

There is also a Sheets specific change where users can now modify charts with options to delete as well as move or simply resize them, something that should help to bring the Android version of Sheets app more fully featured and robust. Slides received its own specific change today as well, allowing users to move specific slides either forward or backward for reorganization purposes. For example, you might want a specific slide to be at the end instead of in the middle. That appears to be all the user facing changes in terms of actual functionality, and if you want to take advantage of these new changes right away without having to wait for the updates to hit your device on their own, you can grab the apk downloads below for each app individually.

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