Google Tips Now List Some Of The Newly Added "OK Google" Commands

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Earlier today, the news came through that Google had announced a much bigger roll out of their voice action commands, more commonly known as “Ok Google”. The news was that Google have now integrated the OK Google feature with far more third-party apps. At the time, Google did not provide any firm details on who these third-party apps were and simply referred to the news as a select group of “partners’. With the only hints provided being that the NPR app and the TripAdvisor app are more than likely part of the limited partner program. However, shortly after the initial news broke of the expansion of the voice action commands, the news also came through that Shazam had announced that their app had been updated to allow better integration of their services into Google Now. Pretty much confirming that they were one of the newly announced voice action partners.

Well, it now seems that some further details are coming through in respect to who these partners are and what new voice commands can be used from now on. Google has updated their Google Tips with a page showing what things can know be asked of Google using vocal commands. From briefly looking through the list, the voice command now includes the ability to “Safely turn on TuneIn while driving“. No to mention, the list also details that users can ask Google to look up properties on Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com. The already mentioned Shazam, NPR and Tripadvisor are also mentioned confirming their inclusion now.

In fact, there seems to be quite a lot of new commands which can be activated using OK Google. On the list, Google list 88 commands in total. Others not already mentioned, include asking Flixster for showtimes, viewing your cart on Instacart, as well as being able to check items you have recently purchased from Walmart. In fact, the list also details that if you own a Lincoln MKZ, you can ask Google to remotely start the car for you. For those interested, you can check out the full list of 88 voice commands now available, by clicking the source link below.