Google Q1 2015: Total Revenue $17.3 Billion, 12% Increase On Last Year

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As it is now well into April, the financial details of many of the big tech companies have been company down the wire over the last week. We have already heard from Verizon and AT&T, who both claimed to see decent levels of dropping in their respective churn rate. In fact, AT&T declared their churn rate was the best ever for a first quarter for them. Today, T-mobile have also sent out a press release. Although, theirs did not specifically provided any details on their financials, it did declare, that their results will be announced on April 29th. As such another week before their financials are revealed.

However, in the android world, many will be waiting to find out how Google are doing. They are at the heart of the industry and with so many different avenues and focuses, there are mixed perceptions on what aspects of their business model is succeeding and which is failing. Well, the Mountain View giant has now released their press release detailing the highlights of their last quarter (Jan through March, inclusive).

In terms of the last three months, Google have announced overall an revenue of $17.3 billion. This represents a twelve percent increase on the same quarter from last year. To add to their overall revenue, Google also announced net income for the quarter reached $3.58 billion, along with an earnings per share of $6.57. This is slightly lower than what had previously been expected that Google would be reporting, but only slightly. However, the early indications suggest neither Google nor analysts seem so far concerned about the slight underperforming results. According to Google’s CFO. Patrick Pichette one of the main driving forces behind their current revenue is that of mobile ad revenue. According to Pichette “We continue to see great momentum in our mobile advertising business and opportunities with brand advertisers“. In terms of the advertising, the number of paid clicks rose by 13%, however, the report also details that the cost-per-click declined by 7%. You can read full details of the press release from Google by clicking the source link below. The company is currently giving their investors calls and as such more details are likely to emerge in due course.