Google Is In The Process Of Rolling Out "Collections", Google+'s Latest Feature


Google is in the process of rolling out a brand new feature to Google+ called Collections. This new feature focuses on the user’s interests and groups them together, somewhat similar to what Pinterest does, but with some blogging elements included. Google+ is without a doubt on the verge of changing the way the platform is currently used, as it has been reported on several occasions. Google+ Collections appeared last week, but until today, it was in either internal testing or in a private beta, as users stated that even with the latest update to the Google+ app, they were unable to access the latest feature of Google’s social network. The new Google+ Collections roll-out is most likely controlled, meaning that Google itself is managing how the new feature is made available.

With Google+ Collections the user will be able to create its own groups of interests and include photos, links, and videos within them; which strongly resembles the way Pinterest works. The new feature will allow the user to create collections of anything that he or she finds interesting. Sharing will be a big part of Google+ Collections as it gives the user the option to either share or explore other users’ own Collections, expanding on the content they will be able to find and add to more Collections.

A new Google+ update was released today, which made most users think that the Collections feature would be included with it. This was quickly dismissed after users that had the latest version of Google+ reported Collections was nowhere to be seen. The new feature has been highly anticipated since it showed up last week, this is mainly due to the fact that after Bradley Horowitz, was named Google Vice President of Photos and Streams products, speculation began for what the future held for Google+. Major changes are, without a doubt, coming to Google’s social network, but until the appearance of Google+ Collections, nobody knew exactly what Google had planned for Google+. Sundar Pichai himself confirmed Google will have a strong focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream being three separate areas, when previously they were all known for being dependent of one another.