Google Plans To Block Spoilers From Showing Up On Your Social Media Feed

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Google has been working on new services to help consumers live a less stressful life. The latest patent Google has submitted might never see the light of day, but internet dwellers such as myself would welcome the service with open arms. Ever been spoiled by the ending of a movie, the last chapter of a novel or even a big event from a television series? With the patent, Google recently submitted, social media feeds will block out all the unwanted spoiler related posts. This will work in a few stages but again, we're unsure if Google will ever develop such service for the general public.

As mentioned, Google has been working on several ways to help consumers with their daily life and dealing with those mundane tasks. We've posted in the past about Google releasing a tool that would allow consumers compare auto insurance quotes by answering a few questions. Additionally, Google is rumored to be working on a new service that would connect consumers directly to home service businesses in their respective areas. Now a new service that has been patented by Google will allow your social media feed to be cleared from those pesky spoiler related posts. Quartz discovered the patent and deciphered how exactly the service would work if Google ever decides to bring the idea into development.


According to Quartz, Google will have a new service connect to your social media feeds. For those who have connected services like Netflix to their social media accounts, Google will be able to determine where you're at within a TV series or if you happen to pause at a certain point while viewing a film. With this knowledge, Google will be able to decide if any posts on your social media feeds contain any spoiler related content. The particular post that contains any spoiler related content will be blurred out and warn users of spoilers present in the post.

There are still a few uncertainties as to how the service would work. For starters, it would seem that the patent will only tailor to past recorded shows and films. With that said, Google will unlikely be able to screen posts for spoiler related content for live TV. More importantly, we don't know what social media websites will connect to the service. Google very well may only offer the service through Google Plus with social media giants Twitter and Facebook being left out. A Google representative did give a statement to Quartz, according to the representative, some patent's turn into real products and services while others remain an idea. We'll have to wait and see if Google turns this idea into something tangible.