Google Messenger Updated And Now Allows For Quick Reply To Incoming Messages


Every Wednesday, Google usually floods the android ecosystem with a number of updates to its various apps, features and services. However, today has seen a couple of new introductions to the Play Store. The first was the news that Google have now released a Project Fi app to work alongside their newly announced MVNO service. The app will be used by those who opt for Google's MVNO to better manage your Project Fi account. That is, of course, as long as you have a Nexus 6 as that seems to be the only compatible device with the Fi service for now. The second major app which has been made available today was the launch of a dev version of Chrome for Android. Aptly named 'Chrome Dev' and in a similar fashion to the already available Chrome Beta version of the app, the Dev version will allow users for much quicker access to the latest updates and subsequently the newest features. In fact, the Dev version will see faster updates than both the normal version and the Beta version.

That said, it is Wednesday and that does mean that as well as the new release apps, Google updates to the older apps are on the way too. One of those which seems to be on the list and receiving an update today is Google's Messenger. For those who use the Google messenger app, as the default messenger app, then the update will probably be one that you are happy to be receiving. The big headliner point of the update is that users can now respond to messages in a 'quick reply' fashion.


The update which brings the Messenger app up to version 1.3 sees the ability to allow users to respond to messages from the heads up notifications received. Prior to this update, users could only open the notification. However now, the update sees the inclusion of a small "reply" function added to the notification, which allows for direct replying without the need to open the app at all. If, for whatever reason you do not already have the Google Messenger app already installed, then you can grab a copy of version 1.3 by clicking the source link below.

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