Google Fiber is Making the Cable and ISP's Nervous


Google Fiber is like a nerds wet dream. 1Gbps download and 1Gbps upload is something you don't see often. Normally the upload speed is going to be a lot less than the download speed. For instance, I currently have 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload from Comcast. And that's about how it is everywhere, even on mobile networks. Google Fiber was first launched as a way for Google to force the ISP's and cable companies to offer better and faster internet. We've seen AT&T offering 1Gbps speed in Texas, once Google announced they were bringing Fiber to Texas. We've also seen Comcast and Time Warner Cable upping their speeds as well. In fact, Comcast is now offering 300Mbps at no extra cost. However, that is only a third of what Google is offering.

Google is adding more and more cities to their list of Fiber cities. And the current Internet Service Providers are taking note. Google is eating into their monopoly, or in some places duopoly. In most places, you only have one choice for an ISP, some might be lucky enough to have two choices. Google is looking to change that with Google Fiber, and Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and even Verizon FiOS doesn't want that.


Competition is good. I've been saying this for years, and years. Competition is good for the consumer. And Google Fiber is a prime example of that. If Google Fiber didn't exist, I highly doubt we'd be see these ISP's upgrading their networks to provide faster and faster speeds. Since Google is using Fiber – so is Verizon FiOS – they can deliver much faster speeds than coaxial cables can which is what Comcast and Time Warner both use. But if you look at how long it takes for Verizon and Google to get Fiber going in a city, you can really see how much of an undertaking it truly is.

So the cable companies are starting to get scared of Google Fiber. Good. Perhaps this will cause cable companies to change what they offer, as well as the pricing of their plans. Only time will tell.

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