Google Announce You Can Now 'Google' Your Android Phone If You Cannot Find It

Smartphones and mobile devices, in general, are becoming increasingly more powerful. Not to mention that with the likes of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices, not only are they becoming more powerful, but also significantly more premium. That said, the two p's (power and premium) come with an increase in a third 'p', price. As these smartphones become significantly better they also become significantly pricier. The downside of these hefty price tags is that it is not so much fun when you lose your device.

Well, the good news is that Google has for a long time been looking at ways to make sure your device (and probably more importantly) your data remains safe and secure, even when you lose your device or it is stolen. A prime example of these Google introduced features is the Android Device Manager which was launched back in 2013. In fact, this was also recently updated to offer the same features to Android Wear devices. Well, if you do find yourself in the position where you suddenly cannot find your phone and need a quicker solution than Android Device Manager, then Google has now announced an even easier way to locate your devices. Simply Google them.

Google announced (via a Google+ post) that you can now Google any of your devices to see where they are. To avoid any confusion, Google state that you can now head over to on any Chrome browser running device and simply type into the search bar "find my phone". Once this is done, the new feature will be activated and Google will show you where your phone currently is. Via Google Maps that is. Your device will be pinpointed in its location and you can even ring the device if you need to (for instance if Google tells you, it's where you are, but you still cannot find it). In fact, if you have more than one device, then they will all show up on Maps and you can change between them. The only caveats to the service is that your phone obviously needs to be registered to a Google account and that you need to have the latest version of the Google app installed. If you already meet those requirements then give it a try. It works.

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