Google Announce New Custom Voice Actions Available For "OK Google"

ok google

Google’s voice search is a notable feature for any android user. More affectionately known as “OK google”, the feature offers android users the ability to more effectively access content directly. Not to mention, the ability to access content quicker, thanks to the hands-free nature of their Voice Action feature. In fact, whether or not you consider the function to be reliable and accurate enough to use on a daily basis, chances are you have used it every so often. Well, it seems Google are hoping that in the future you will be using the service for far more searches, as Google seem to be intent on rolling out more integrated abilities for their Google Voice Service.

In fact, today, Google has announced that the feature is now more integrated with third-party apps as custom voice actions. The third-party apps in question, are presumed to be limited compared to what you might want and Google did not disclose exactly who these “partners” are. However, Google has announced the widening of the third party access to OK Google has begun. According to the Google+ blog sent out today by the Android Developers account (source link below), the newly added partners will allow for searches like “Ok Google, listen to NPR” as well as more focused informational searches like “Ok Google, show attractions near me on TripAdvisor.” As such, it seems safe to assume that both NPR and TripAdvisor are two of the new third-party custom partners.

In fact, Google seems even more intent on widening the feature in future for third-party integration and took today’s announcement to appeal to third-party app developers to also look to include the feature with their app. Google announced that those interested in implementing the feature in future, can either fill out a short form (obtainable from the source link below) detailing their ideas and concerns for the feature or head over to this link to find out more about what aspects of Google Voice Action can be implemented in their apps now. Either way, it seems soon enough you will be able to “OK Google” far more often and to achieve far more things. You can check out Google’s latest gif below, showing how the feature will work for the already in-use and newly announced custom voice action partners.