Gold Platinum Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Selling for the Bargain Price of $8,000


Smart devices were once expensive for a number of different reasons than today.  When smartphones were new components were much more difficult to manufacture, especially in larger quantities, and the elements making up those components were likely all more expensive too.  As smartphones became more prominent prices dropped, and you can now get a completely competent smartphone for under $200 out the door if you really want to.  That's not to say that there aren't plenty of premium priced devices out there, some of which have been coming from Samsung for a while now.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge mark an entirely new category of premium for the South Korean tech giant.  This premium segment retails for anywhere from $900 for the 32GB model to around $1100 for the 128GB model.  Storage size is especially important to pay attention to this time around since Samsung has decided to not include a microSD card expansion slot so that users can purchase their own storage.  There's always limited edition models of any luxury item though, and this 128GB gold platinum model is selling for a pretty darn incredible $7,989 on Ebay.  This particular model is going for so much because it's actually the number 1 out of only 500 models built with this limited edition color and material, and includes what the sellers says is "luxury packaging."  It also includes the Samsung BlueHouse card, a special VIP program for UK customers that gives premium customer support as well as early access to new devices.


We've seen some pretty outrageous prices out there for "luxury" editions of premium-priced products lately, the worst offender easily being the $17,000 gold Apple Watch.  With that sort of silliness aside the other 499 models of this gold platinum Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are selling for a significantly less amount of money: $2,500.  So if you're really craving a gold platinum Galaxy S6 Edge it's probably a little easier to buy the other ones, but if you're craving that number 1 spot it's going to cost $7,989 plus any additional taxes or fees depending on where you have the phone shipped of course.  We've got our very own "regular" Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in house and should have that review up for you by this weekend, but initial impressions of the device are very positive making this more than likely the best phone Samsung has made in a very long time.

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