If Your Galaxy S6 Edge Is Having Auto-Rotate Issues, Then You Are Not Alone

Nothing feels better than getting a new Android smartphone, especially getting it as soon as it is released. But, there is always a pretty big risk that you are taking if you do this, dealing with potential hardware and software issues. Something that affects almost every first batch of smartphones that is released. Bendgate is the most recent example of this, which was the first round of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' bending in people's pockets without any real stress being put on them. Now, it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest smartphone to have issues upon release.

Some owners of the Galaxy S6 Edge are reporting that their brand new device does not have a functional auto-rotate feature. What's worse is the feature isn't working or not working, it's sporadically working. It might work for a few hours or even a day or two then all of a sudden stop working, which makes the issue slightly harder to address. For those of you who aren't aware of what auto-rotate does, it is a feature that virtually every smartphone has that allows its screen orientation to automatically change based on how the user is holding the device. You can imagine how frustrating this issue must be.

Based on what users who are experiencing the issue are reporting, it appears to be an accelerometer issue. Whether or not said issue is an actual hardware issue or can be fixed with a software update, remains to be seen. Users experiencing the issue have attempted reboots of their device, restarting auto-rotate and factory resets, all to no avail. Currently, the issue seems to be central to Verizon and Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge devices and users have attempted to reach out to them as well as Samsung directly. Unfortunately, what information or help these users are getting is a whole lot of nothing. The carriers don't really seem to be aware of and or working on the issue and some people at Samsung say that they are aware of the issues while others say they have never heard of it. Either way, this issue needs to be fixed quickly as some Galaxy S6 Edge owners have already had to get their device replaced a handful of times.

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