Featured: Top 10 Weather Widget Apps for Android

Weather Widget AH 1

One of the things Android had over their competitors for a while was widgets. Now iOS has widgets, but Android has thousands of them available. Today we’re looking at about 10 different weather widget apps that are available on Android. They are all really nice ones too.

Yahoo Weather

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This is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great app for the weather, and gives you everything you need to know. It also uses Flickr pictures from your area as the background, which looks really cool. Additionally, they have widgets that can do weather, or the time or both. And are available in all kinds of sizes.



Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.21.51

This is actually pre-installed on a lot of devices, including the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge. It’s not the best weather widget out there, but it does give you all the info you need. The highs, the lows, the wind speed and everything in between.


Amber Weather

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.24.27

Probably one you haven’t heard of before, I only just found it recently. But if you’re looking for a material design weather widget, this is a good one to check out. It comes with all kinds of themes, and also gives you all the weather information you could ever want and much more.


Fancy Widgets

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.25.58

A tried and true set of widgets here. Fancy Widgets does way more than just weather widgets. Fancy Widgets has been around for years, so don’t let the old screenshots fool you. It does get updated, just not the screenshots in the Play Store.


HD Widgets

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.27.29

Another one that’s been around for a long time as well. HD Widgets has all kinds of themes, plus you can make your own. They also have widgets in all sizes, going all the way up to a 10-inch tablet. Like Fancy Widgets, there’s also much more than just weather widgets here with HD Widgets.


Grumpy Weather Widget

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.29.33

Because we are all grumpy at some point in time. If you like seeing the F word in the forecast, then this is a weather widget that I think you’ll enjoy. It shows the weather in text, instead of pictures or icons. Like a lot of these other apps out here.


Beautiful Widgets Pro

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.32.28

This is another one that’s been around for a pretty long time. Even back in the Cupcake and Donut days of Android. Beautiful Widgets Pro does just that, provides you with some beautiful Widgets. They also have all kinds of themes and plenty of other widgets outside of weather ones.


DashClock Widget

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.33.59

DashClock isn’t really a weather widget, but it does have the weather built in. DashClock is a scrolling widget that shows you all kinds of information. And there are hundreds of extensions that you can install to add even more information to the widget.



Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.35.24

AccuWeather powers a lot of the weather widgets you’ll find on HTC, LG, Samsung and other devices. It’s a great service and they even have their own widget. It’s a really descriptive weather widget that also shows you the time. Which is always helpful.


Lollipop Style Weather Widget

Screenshot 2015-04-14 13.38.44

Because who doesn’t want a material design weather widget? I know I want one. It is actually an extension of the Amber Weather widget app that we wrote about further up. So to get this widget, you’ll need to install Amber Widget, but boy does it look good. Especially with a nice material wallpaper behind it.