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Whether you are a native in the U.S. or just visiting, tipping can be an interesting, yet complicated experience. Not only do you have to be able to calculate on your feet, but different places and people expect a different tip percentage. Keeping track of all this information can put a dampener on how you tip. Well, there are a number of apps which can help you make sure you are always tipping the right amount and to the right person. Here are ten tipping apps for android to get you started.

Fast Tip Calculator

Kicking off today's list is Fast Tip Calculator. If you are looking for a real and simple, easy to use and no thrills tip calculator then this is your option. The app is free to use, requires no permissions and can be used for a bunch of currencies.

Tip Calculator

Another simple option comes in the form of Tip Calculator. Like the last one, this option is a basic calculator which will allow you to figure out the relevant amount to tip, round up and down and also split the bill among your friends.

Big Tipping (Tip Calculator)

Big Tipping adopts a similar presentation and function to the last two although this one does comes with the ability to theme the app based on color, offering the chance to make your tip calculator a bit more 'you'. Otherwise, the ability to calculate tips, adjust the percentage and even split the bill with as many as fifteen people, are all possible.

EZ Tipping

EZ Tipping is another no frills and easy-to-use option which offers a straightforward approach to tip calculating. Simply enter the amount, number of people and percentage and find out how much to tip. Simple and easy and designed for tablets as well as phones.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

Tip N Split works much the same way as the others although this one does provide users with a little more information. The app places slightly more focus on splitting the bill compared to the other apps and therefore displays both post and pre tax amounts as well as how much easy person will be paying for both tips and in total.

Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

So far, most of the apps have been rather basic in their appearance and adopted a similar function. Although the function for Tip Me remains much the same, the appearance and presentation of this one is greatly enhanced. The calculator assumes much more of a receipt presentation and therefore adds a degree of style to your calculating.

Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator)

Tipper Tipper is a much older calculator than most of the others and has been around for some time. In fact, this one does not really get updated, but is an open source project and therefore anyone can improve on the app if they like. Otherwise, a very lightweight and intrusion-free app. No permissions and some in-app ads, although these can be disabled in the settings.

Gratuity: Tip Calculator

In principle, tip calculators are limited in how different they can be too each other. That said, Gratuity does bring a welcomed change to what a tip calculator can do and look like. As such, this one is a bit more feature-laden and offers the ability to choose between different types of tipping (delivery person, restaurant, hotel maids). Not to mention, you can also rate the person or place for better feedback for yourself when thinking of using the same service. Interesting take on tipping apps.

Best Tip Calculator

Best Tip Calculator is another app which looks to offer a simple but slightly more feature rich offering. This app places an emphasis on travellers and as such will not only offer you the ability to calculate a tip but also will inform you of the tip rates on a per-country basis so that you always pay the right amount.

Tip Tracker - TipSee FREE

Closing out todays list is an app for those on the other side of the tipping fence. If you are someone who works in an industry where you are the one receiving tips, then this app is a great way to keep track of all the tips you receive. Figures can be calculated on a day, week and month basis and provides great insight into your tip history.

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