Featured: Top 10 DJ Apps For Android


Whether you are a professional DJ and looking to practice your mixing on the go, need a more portable solution or simply a budding mixer who wants to create their own playlists then there are apps available. To help you narrow through the masses, here are ten DJ-inspired apps you might want to consider downloading.

DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

DJ Studio 5Kicking off the party today is DJ Studio 5. Any budding DJ will need a good mixing app to bring those two tunes together. DJ Studio 5 will do that. The app is free, does not seem to have any IAPs and although is a little basic, will get the job done.

Party Mixer – DJ player app

Party MIxerParty Mixer is another option for those looking for a decent mixing app. This one will again allow you to mix between the tracks. The two tracks can be played simultaneously, allowing users to crossfade between them. Not to mention, you can adjust the pitch, tempo and so on.

DJ Mix Pads

DJ mix padsIn recent times, drum pad machines have evolved quite extensively offering users the ability to customize their own beats, create drum loops and so on. DJ Mix Pads allows for all the features you would expect from a pad machine but in app form.

DJ Music Equalizer

DJ Music EQOK, this is not strictly a DJ app. However, if you are looking for an app to offer a better equalizer for your personal music player then this one might offer the solution. Offering the ability to tweak the music player so that you can better feel the bass or hear those tops.

Listen Dj Remix Nonstop Music

Listen DJ RemixIf you are tired of mixing down tracks yourself and fancy a break away from all the work, then sit back and listen to a couple of pre-mixed non-stop music tracks. This is exactly what you will get with Listen DJ Remix.

DJ Live Wallpaper

DJ WallpaperCan’t have an apps list, without including a wallpaper app. With that in mind, DJ Live Wallpaper offers a selection of DJ-inspired wallpapers to choose from and set to the backdrop of your device. Perfect to make sure your phone is in the mood on party night.


Virtual DJ Studio

virtual DJVirtual DJ is a very powerful and popular Digital DJ solution. This unfortunately, is not from those guys but does look to offer some of the same features. This is a DJ turntable mixer and as such you can scratch, add multiple effects to your tracks and general create your own mixes.

Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

Cross DJCross DJ is another mixing option and generally had attracted a good deal of positive reviews. As well as the standard mixing abilities, this one provides a decent level of BPM detection. Not to mention customizable levels of pitch bend and a stable sync mode.


edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio

EdjingNot really looking for the ultimate Djing app but more one to mix your own playlists? Then edjing might be for you. As well as creating your own mixes and playlists, this one offers an inbuilt DJ profile page as well as the ability to share your mixes and playlists with other people. Nice social element to this one.


Dj Mixer House Music

House MixerClosing out today’s list is in app specifically for House fans out there. If you are into your house music and looking for an app to help keep that party going after everyone else has gone, then this might be the app for you.