Featured: Top 10 Best Social Media Apps for Android - 4/8/15

Social Media has really exploded in the last decade. Do you remember your first social network? For me it was MySpace, almost 13 years ago. Now there's so many out there, that we can't even fit them all in this top 10. So if we miss out on some, don't worry, there's just too many good ones out there.

Fenix for Twitter

This is a really popular Twitter app. While it is a third-party one, and thus suffers from Twitter's terrible API limits. It's still a great one. It does have full material design, as well as full images in your timeline. Which look amazing, and even more amazing when using it on a tablet.


This one started out as an iOS only social network for quite a while. But eventually came to Android then Facebook bought it. It's kind of like a mobile only social network for pictures and video, although they do have a web interface which lets users scroll through their feeds. We do use Instagram here at Android Headlines so make sure you find us and follow us.


Twitter had this brilliant idea to make 6-second long videos that loop, into a social network and call it Vine. And it's really caught on. It's a really popular social network and has a lot of great stuff on it. The app for Android is a little behind it's iOS counterpart, similar to the Twitter app.


I understand that Facebook isn't the most liked Social network out there. But it is the most used one. Mark Zuckerberg has really taken the world by storm with this product. Facebook's app has really gotten better for Android over the years and has added more Android apps like Messenger, Groups, Pages and more.



Google's own social network has had a bit of trouble lately, but it's still a great place to store pictures and even edit them. Google gives you unlimited storage for your photos and uses Auto Awesome to make them even cooler.


Twitter's official app has come a long way over the years. From being the app no one wanted to use, to actually being a functional app. It even has some Lollipop features built in now. If you use Twitter a lot, then you're going to want to use the official one, thanks to Twitter's API limitations.


This is an interesting social network. You can take pictures and send them to various people. But they can only see them for about 6 seconds, or however long you decide. However, you can't choose images from your gallery, you have to take them from their built-in camera. Which kinda sucks, but it is a pretty cool idea.


With Pinterest, you can essentially "Pin" a site or a picture or even a video to a virtual board on the site. These can be private or public. It's a really cool social network and one that's been growing like wildfire over the last few years.


Tinder allows you to like or pass on users. And if that user likes you, you get a match. Pretty simple and anonymous for a bit. Until you get a match. Tinder has become really popular, in fact I've even heard commercials that are mimicking what Tinder does. Which is pretty cool.


This is basically the new Foursquare, and actually it's built by Foursquare. But you are able to check in at various places that you travel. Some of them even have specials. So if you check in at a McDonalds, you could get a free drink. Which is kinda neat. But you can also see what your friends are up to. Sometimes Swarm likes to freak out when I check in, in Detroit and then check in again after I've flown across the country.

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