Featured: Top 10 Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6


The Galaxy S6 is beautiful, there's no denying that. But it's also made of glass. So you're going to want to protect that backside of the Galaxy S6, especially if you plan on selling it in time for the Galaxy S7 next year. We've found 10 great cases that work wonders for protecting your brand new Galaxy S6. Let's have a look at these.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for the Galaxy S6



The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a pretty popular case line and is available for many smartphones, with the Galaxy S6 being no exception. It is a pretty thin case, but does provide protection for your Galaxy S6. It also has metallized buttons, which makes it look extra sexy on your Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Case, Spigen [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen Resilient case for the Galaxy S6



Another one of Spigen's cases for the Galaxy S6 is their Resilient case. This one provides a bit more protection for the Galaxy S6. And it's available in black, gunmetal gray, gold, and red. The red, especially, looks great on the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Case, Spigen® [Resilient] Galaxy S6 Case Impact Protection



Caseology Wave Length Series Case for the Galaxy S5


This is a pretty cool looking case from Caseology, and it does protect your device quite well. It's made of TPU material and is highly resistant of oil, fingerprints and more. It's available in pink, black, navy blue, gold, red and more!

Galaxy S6 Case, Caseology® [Wavelength Series] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Navy Blue] [Shock Proof] True Grip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)


Caseology Waterfall Series Case for the Galaxy S6


This case from Caseology isn't as extravagant as the one above, but it still makes your Galaxy S6 look great! It's got a clear back with a colored frame. The frame is available in black, gold, pink, red, and silver.

Galaxy S6 Case, Caseology® [Waterfall Series] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Gold] [Clear Armor] Clearback Fusion Hybrid Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)


Verus Crucial Bumper for the Galaxy S6


This case from Verus is a sleek looking case that will protect all sides of your Galaxy S6, and look great doing so. It's dual-layered to protect your device from drops and slips. It's also only available in black. At least at the time of writing this.

Galaxy S6 Case, Verus [Air Space Cushion] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Crucial Bumper][Steel Silver]


Verus Card Slot Case


Verus has quite a few Galaxy S6 cases, and this is another one in their lineup. This one has a slot in the back where you can keep a card or two so you don't need to take your wallet with you. Which is pretty cool, and something we've been seeing more of.

Galaxy S6 Case, Verus [Card Slot Case] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Damda Slide][Shine Gold]


roocase Wallet Case for the Galaxy S6


Want to keep your cards in your case instead of carrying around a wallet? Here's another good alternative from roocase. This is their wallet case, with slots to hold your credit cards, debit cards and even driver's license. It also folds back so you can use the case as a stand.

Galaxy S6 Case, roocase [Prestige Folio] Galaxy S6 Wallet Case – [Stand Feature] Premium Synthetic Leather Wallet Case Flip Cover with Credit Card ID Holder for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015), Black

Ringke Discover Case for the Galaxy S6


The Ringke Discover case is also a wallet-folio case for the Galaxy S6. It's a two-tone colored case and is made of leather. It features spots to place your cards as well as folds back to use the Discover case as a stand for watching movies and such.

Galaxy S6 Case – Ringke DISCOVER Case [BLACK][ID/Card Slot] Premium Genuine Leather Standing View Wallet Flip Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6