Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps to Find Cheap Gas

April 22, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

For a while, Gas was going down but it appears to be on the way back up. You probably want to find the cheapest gas around you, especially if you are in an area that you don’t frequent that often. There are plenty of apps to help you out with that, and a few of the apps listed below, I actually use to find cheap gas each week.


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This is one of the apps that I use quite a bit. Here you can find gas stations near you, as well as cheap gas stations in your area. Additionally, the data is provided by users, so you are able to update gas stations with new gas prices. Which is always helpful to other users.


Gas Guru

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Using Gas Guru, you can find the prices of gas at gas stations near you. While the UI isn’t the best, it does its job. Additionally you can share the gas price at certain stations – normally the cheapest ones – on Facebook. Which can be a big help.


Mapquest Gas Prices

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You probably used Mapquest way back in the day, right? Well their Gas Prices app is actually pretty useful. You are able to sort gas stations based on the distance from you or the price. It’ll also give you directions on how to get to that gas station.


Cheap Gas AnyPlaceUSA

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The name says it all. This app helps you find cheap gas any where in the US. So if you’re in Canada or another country, this app won’t work for you. It’s a pretty ugly application, but it does work. Which is what counts. You can find the cheapest gas near you using this app.


Fuelzee Cheap Gas Prices

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Much like the rest of these apps, Fuelzee helps you find cheap gas prices near you. You can sort based on distance as well as by price. There are also options to be able to soft based on the type of gas you want. Whether that be unleaded, midgrade or premium.


Gas Finder

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Again, the name of the app says it all. Gas Finder is here to help you find gas. Which is equally important on a road trip as it is to find food. Gas Finder will also allow you to favorite a gas station, as well as navigate to it. Which is a feature that quite a few people will find handy.



Full Tank

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Using Full Tank, you can search for gas stations near you. This is great for when you’re traveling through the middle of nowhere. Although, you better hope that you have a signal wherever you are so you can load up the app.


Cheap Gas

Screenshot 2015-04-22 13.12.59

With Cheap Gas, you can find the price of gas near you. The pop up will tell you the name of the station, the price, the address and when it was last updated. The data for when it was updated is equally important, as it could have been weeks since someone had updated it.



Screenshot 2015-04-22 13.14.52

Waze is a good way to find cheap gas as well. Waze is great for getting around traffic, but you can also find gas stations on your route as well as the prices at those gas stations, which is always important.


Gas Stations

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With Gas Stations you can find gas around you as well as finding out the prices of the gas around you. This makes it easy to find a gas station to fill up when you’re on the go. Additionally, you can favorite gas stations in the app, so you can find them again in the future.