Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Cigar Lovers

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For those who like cigars, little is better than kicking back and enjoying their latest flavor. However, for those new to the scene, it can seem a little daunting. Knowing where to buy from, what to buy or even how to enjoy cigars. With that in mind, here are ten android apps which cigars lovers (both experienced and novice) might want to check out.

CigarDojo the social cigar app

CigarDojoKicking off today’s lists is CigarDojo, which is a social based app. This one offers cigar loves the ability to talk cigars with other like minded people. In fact, this is a rather all inclusive app which also offers a number of features including a cigar shop locator.


Social Humidor – Cigar & more

Social HumidorSocial Humidor is another good app for cigar lovers. This one will monitor the cigars you are after (added to wishlist) while also helping you to monitor how your cigar stockpile is doing, how many you have left and how long they have been aging.



AficionadoAficionado is exactly that. An app for cigar aficionados, offering a large database for cigar lovers to peruse and get to know cigars better. The app contains details on various cigars, brands and even information on cigar etiquette.


Where To Smoke

Where To SmokeWhere To Smoke should need little explaining. If you are someone who prefers to smoke your cigars somewhere other than home, then this app will keep you informed on locations near you which are ‘cigar friendly’. This is a U.S. only app, but great if you are away from home and need somewhere to sit back and enjoy a cigar.


Cigar Federation

Cigar FederationAlthough Cigar Federation sounds quite formal, this is anything but. The app highly focuses on the social and forum nature of cigar smoking and as such you are quite likely to find like-minded people with this one. Upload your images of your cigars, share, rate and interact.


Smoke Cigar Free

Smoke Cigar FreeMiss the act of smoking a cigar? Well, Smoke Cigar is a virtual cigar smoking game. The app uses the device’s mic to pick up when you are inhaling (or exhaling) and responds by producing smoke and assimilating the act of smoking.


Smoke Virtual Cigar

Smoke Virtual CigarLike the idea of the last app, but prefer a more visual looking cigar? Then Smoke virtual Cigar might be worth checking out. Similar to the last offering this is again a smoking simulator app, although, this one contains some nice and full-size cigar images.



IADCWant to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the cigar world? Well, IADC might be able to help. This is the L’Amateur de Cigare magazine app offering a real lifestyle approach to cigar lovers. In magazine form, this app will give you plenty of tips on cigars, the lifestyle and everything else.

Cigar Oasis

Cigar OasisFor those who take their cigar smoking seriously and more importantly have a serious cigar collection, then you might want to think about Cigar Oasis. To work properly, this app will require an additional hardware unit, but afterward the app will allow you to monitor your home cigar stockpile. Including their temperature and humidity.


Cigar Canada

Cigar CanadaOf course, Cigar Smoking is not just for those in the U.S. With that in mind, those based in Canada might want to check out Cigar Canada. As the developer states in their Play Store listing, this app is designed “to celebrate the love of Cigars and everything Canadian”. Not to mention you can also find your nearest local cigar retailer too.