Featured Review: Verus Hard Drop Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6


As with any of Samsung's flagships, the Galaxy S6 has a ton of cases available for it. And that's because Samsung is going to sell a boatload of Galaxy S6's so it makes more sense for case-makers to make cases for one device than a bunch of smaller, lesser-known devices. This time around, we are looking at Verus' Hard Drop case for the Galaxy S6.

The Verus Hard Drop case is a little different than some of the others we've looked at. This one does have two layers, a black TPU layer that goes against your phone. This is to keep your phone from getting scratched up from your case. Then on the back, we have a hard case, that covers basically just the back. The Hard Drop case is pretty thin, but does give the Galaxy S6 a bit more grip. So that you won't drop it. The Galaxy S6, without a case is pretty slippery. And that's largely due to the glass back that Samsung decided to go with this time around. That's not a bad thing, just means it's going to be slippery. In fact, the Galaxy S6 likes to slide off of tables quite a bit too.


The Hard Drop case does feel comfortable in the hand and doesn't really feel like it's a thicker device. Verus has cut outs on the back for the camera and flash module. The case is thick enough, however, so that the camera is not touching the table or whatever surface you put it on. That's a good thing, if you're worried about scratching or cracking that glass. Even though it's supposed to be sapphire glass over the camera. There are also cut outs on the bottom for the speaker, micro USB and headphone jacks. Up top we have a couple of small cut outs for the IR blaster as well as the microphone hole. We don't have cut outs on the sides for the volume rocker and power buttons. However those are textured and very easy to press. Which makes that a non-issue.

Currently the Verus Hard Drop case is available on Amazon  for $16.99, and available in a slew of colors as well. Verus also has a number of other cases available for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, that you'll want to check out.

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