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When HTC released the original HTC One M7 two years ago, they launched some of their own accessories, they built on this with the HTC One M8 and now with the M9, they're back. We recently reviewed the official HTC One M9 Dot View case, and now we're taking a look at the official HTC One M9 clear case, sent to us from MobileFun. Despite the fact that the One M9 ships with UH OH protection – in North America at least – it's a good idea to use a case with any expensive smartphone. Not everyone wants to ruin the good looks of their smartphone though, and so HTC's official clear case lets the design shine through while also fitting their latest flagship seamlessly.

After having this attached to the M9 for a few days now, I'm impressed…with how it looks. The subtle gray outline here is nice and the thick clear backing is glossy yet grippy and lets the design of your M9 shine through. However, as far as protection is concerned this does zero to prevent a crack in your precious display. The HTC One M9 has a sort of layer effect to it this time around, and the lip of this official case fits the layer just below the display perfectly, giving it a really nice look, but no lip around the display. As such, if you drop your M9 face first with this, you're most likely out of luck. The same goes for putting it face down on a tablet, there's no lip to prevent bits of dirt or whatever scratching your display. Of course, you can always get a screen protector.


While it's probably not the armored tank some will be looking for, it feels good in the hand, the cutouts are all easily accessible and the silicon that covers the three buttons on the side is super-easy to push and there's no problem using any of the buttons here at all. Something that other cases can't quite master. It's not too expensive, looks good and is fairly subtle. So, if you're looking for a good-looking case and you're not accident prone, then this is a decent option. Those looking for something more rugged however should look elsewhere.

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