Featured App Review: Walloid


Walloid is an app that offers access to over 3,000 wallpapers, and what makes Walloid so special is that the collection of wallpapers are actually the stock wallpapers that OEMs ship with their flagship devices. Currently Walloid features wallpapers from 21 OEMs and from 7 custom ROMs. Along with the stock wallpapers, the app features a great collection of Material Design wallpapers too. Walloid integrates a Material Design user interface, so not only wallpapers look great, but the overall app does as well making for an overall enjoyable experience.

The first thing you'll notice when launching the app is a splash screen showing the name of the app and a spinning loading icon. Even if this loading screen feels like a nuisance, it's understandable given the amount of wallpapers the app is loading, Walloid keeps every wallpaper you've downloaded or seen in the app's cache, so if sometimes the application feels a little stuttery, you can delete the Walloid's cache from the settings menu.



After it has finished loading past the splash screen, the app shows the main screen, where the user can choose between the 21 OEMs.



When tapping on the desired OEM, the user can choose the device from which he or she wants to get wallpapers. Walloid then prompts the user to select whether to show HD or standard quality wallpapers.


The user can also select other sources for wallpapers. To do this, you have to slide from the left side of the screen, revealing the navigation drawer. In Walloid's navigation drawer you can choose from either Stock ROM Wallpapers, Custom ROM Wallpapers, Material Wallpapers, and HD Wallpapers.



Walloid's navigation drawer also has some options to give you some more control over the app, like browsing and managing your favorite wallpapers, your downloads, and tags. The application's widget lets the user randomly change its wallpaper with just a tap, if needed, Walloid keeps track of the wallpapers you've gone through just in case you want to go back and save a wallpaper you liked.



Sometimes the application can begin to feel a little slow and that's because it keeps track of every wallpaper you've seen or downloaded, making the app's cache bigger and bigger with each wallpaper the user sees. To fix this you can erase Walloid's cache, but this is something that feels like it shouldn't be an issue. To delete the app's cache you have to go into the settings menu in bottom of the navigation drawer and select Clear Data, from there you can delete everything you wish to delete, from the app's cache to the widget counter.


Walloid in my opinion is one of the best wallpaper apps out in the Play Store. Even if the app's user interface feels a little clunky at times, there is no denying that the wallpapers Walloid has to offer are some of the best looking, mainly because it is based on the stock wallpapers that come integrated to flagship devices and custom ROMs. Something that Walloid does great is that you are not limited to a few wallpapers when you are not a PRO user, the application gives you access to over 3,000 wallpapers without having to spend a cent. I really enjoyed the widget functionality even if it could use a different design from the app's main icon, the widget helps you to change wallpapers in a fast manner without going through the hassle of browsing until you find one you like. If you are like me and are always trying to keep your device feeling fresh and different Walloid is the perfect app for you.



  • Features (4/5) – Walloid offers just the necessary features to make it a great app, it doesn't feel like it needs anything else, and nothing is lacking either. The widget and wide selection of wallpapers are the two main features of this app,  if it only had those two, Walloid would still be a great wallpaper application.
  • Theme (3/5) – Some material design elements have been implemented throughout the app, but still it looks a little cluttered and the icons it includes could use some polishing as they don't fit with the overall theme.
  • Speed (3/5) – Walloid sometimes felt slow, even on the Nexus 6 which is one of the phones it was tested on, the app's cache shouldn't be something that the average user has to manage, it should be just an option for more advanced users.
  • Overall (4/5) – Walloid manages to be one of the best wallpaper applications out in the market, and this comes mainly from the great selection and nice features the app offers. With some improvements in the performance department, Walloid would be the perfect app for wallpaper lovers.


  • Nice features included with the app which don't feel restricted in the standard (non-PRO) version.
  • Excellent selection of wallpapers.
  • Walloid feels like a simple app but has the features of a more complex offering.


  • Sometimes feels slow.
  • The UI isn't as well implemented as it could be and some of the icons look unpolished.

Walloid is a great wallpaper application which will please many users with the huge selection of excellent quality wallpapers, and the issues the application has aren't big enough to keep most users away from it. This is one of the best wallpaper apps out in the market today and should be a must-try for every user wanting to give their phones a fresh look. HashCode Inc. (The team behind Walloid development), offers two version of their app. The first version is completely free, but includes ads throughout the application, You can download the free verison of Walloid from here. The second version costs $1.93. If you feel inclined to support the developer and get some extra features like unlimited access to the HD Wallpapers and Favorites sections, the Widget History, and completely remove ads; You can download the Pro version from here.