DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has the 'Edge' Over Other Smartphone Cameras

DxOMark S6 Edge Camera Mark cam 2 AH

It seems that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is turning heads everywhere…and Samsung can now add one more ‘head turn’…the world renowned DxO Labs has crowned the Galaxy S6 Edge’s camera as “the new top-ranked device in our database.”  They just posted the results of both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the same time and Samsung now occupies the top spot and second place in their listing of smartphone cameras and their video capabilities.  The Galaxy S6 Edge lead with a combined score of 86 (a photo score of 88 and video score of 84) and the Galaxy Note 4 scored a combined total of 83 – the Galaxy S6 Edge clearly beats out the former reigning champion, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with their combined score of 82.  The improvements Samsung made over the previous Galaxy S5 amount to a 7-point increase when it scored a respectable 79.

We will not go into the details of a very detailed report – you can catch that on our source link at the bottom of this article.  To summarize DxOMark’s findings under the “Pros,” we see that the Galaxy S6 Edge achieved an Autofocus score of 94 out of 100, giving the user the ability to focus quickly on their subject before that ‘moment’ is lost.  Exposure and Contrast comes in at 90, as does Texture, allowing you to achieve “very fine detail and low noise levels when shooting in bright light.”  They praise it for its “excellent flash-only results” and nice white balance levels in all outdoor situations.  As for the “Cons,” there is noticeable noise in low-light shots, a slight color fringing and when you mix the flash with tungsten lighting there is a slight yellow/green White Balance.  Video on the Galaxy S6 Edge is strong, even with its score of 84 – it is still among the best smartphones they have tested…the iPhone 6 Plus scored only 79.

DxOMark believes that Samsung’s hard work in the autofocus department has paid off – it scored only a 70 on the Galaxy S5 and now has jumped well into the 90’s on the Galaxy S6 Edge and now holds its own against the iPhone 6 Plus.  Exposure, Contrast and Color are similar, among the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6, but the areas where the Galaxy S6 Edge really shine are Flash, Noise and Texture, and “noticeably ahead of the iPhone 6 Plus.”  While the Galaxy S6 Edge is slightly behind the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S5 in the Artefacts category, “it’s a small margin, however, and put into context of the new S6’s outstanding results in the other categories, this a relatively minor issue.”

No mention is made of the Samsung Galaxy S6, as DxOMark tests each smartphone as an individual device and we should see those results posted soon…but it does go to reason, since the devices are identical, except for the display, the Galaxy S6 should score as well.  As Samsung continues to refine the camera with each new flagship device, we must wonder what is in store for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge due out this November.

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