Duracell Launches $54 Powermat Ring To Give Older Devices Wireless Charging

April 14, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Not all devices were graced with the power of wireless charging technology, allowing users to juice up their smartphones and tablets without having to physically plug them in. This is where manufacturers of smartphone and tablet accessories have come in, developing products that can transform your devices, (sort of) into ones that support wireless charging in either the WPC or PMA standards. Normally we’d find things like the more traditional powermats to enable this feature, or cases with built in wireless charging tech, as we’ve seen from some of the battery doors and cases from companies like Samsung and Sony as well as others.

Companies like Duracell who are in the business of energy, more specifically in the business of batteries, have a range of their own offerings in this particular area. A new wireless charging accessory from the company aims to give wireless charging capabilities based on the PMA standard to devices that don’t natively support it, and it’s called the powermat ring. The device itself which actually contains the wireless charging tech is a tiny dongle unit that plugs into the microUSB port on your device, which users can then place on top of a wireless charging block to send the power through to the battery inside of the smartphone or tablet.

This is essentially a new version of the Duracell powermat, as they have made other powermat products in the past. Older products though have been less compatible with devices as they usually required a battery door which contains the wireless charging tech, where as this plugs into the charging port on the device, widening the range of devices it can work with. It’s comprised of the two parts listed above, which are the microUSB ring and the charging mat itself, plus a third piece, which is basically just a flat solid piece of plastic to keep your device level during the charging process, presumably because without it, the ring wouldn’t be connecting to the mat in such a way for the wireless charging to work properly. You can of course simply plug the ring into your phone and place the device on another wireless charging pad, and this would actually work quite well with Ikea’s new wireless charging enabled furniture that is due to launch this month, so long as everything works on the PMA standard. You can grab Duracell’s new device for about $54 on their website.

Duracell Power Ring