Cyanogen's McMaster And Kondik Comment On OnePlus And What The Future Holds After The OnePlus One

OnePlus One back byanogen

It is no secret that Cyanogen and OnePlus have not been the closest of friends over the last few months. The two companies who came together to bring to market the OnePlus One, achieved a notable relationship with the product. The hardware from OnePlus and the software from Cyanogen, seemed to result in a very popular collaboration. That said, the cracks between the two become public knowledge late last year when emails surfaced highlighting that their view of the future seemed to be a different one from each other.

Since then, it has largely come to be understood that Cyanogen and OnePlus would not be working together on future products. OnePlus have already released their in-house operating system in the form of OxygenOS and Cyanogen have been busying themselves with the release of other devices which also come packing their commercial variant, Cyanogen OS. Most notably, the Yureka by YU and the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+. Well, Cyanogen CEO and CTO, Kirt McMaster and Steve Kondik, have been noted speaking at this year’s Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing. During these talks, the two were noted commenting on Cyanogen’s plans for life post-OnePlus. In fact, McMaster and Kondik made it clear that they plan to partner with more Chinese manufacturers in the future. In spite of the clear intention to partner with Chinese manufacturers, the Cyanogen representative were also noted stating that the devices they include Cyanogen OS on, will be more aimed towards the international market than the Chinese one. Of course, there were no indications given as to who the possible future Cyanogen-partnered Chinese manufacturers could be.

In terms of OnePlus, McMaster and Kondik were also noted commented on the relationship between the two companies. McMaster, who is already known for his outspoken comments made it clear that OnePlus did well from the collaboration and especially thanks to Cyanogen “Without Cyanogen, OnePlus would have sold like one device in international markets“. Further adding, “Essentially they built their brand on the back of Cyanogen“. In contrast, Kondik was noted commented on the two companies future together, in an equally definitive fashion “That’s probably the last you will see from that partnership unfortunately“. As such, it does seem that the era of OnePlus and Cyanogen has now come to a close.