Cyanogen CEO Responds To Twitter Heat On OTA By Telling People To 'Calm Down' But Not As Politely

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Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster is not known for being shy, when it comes to what he thinks or speaking his mind. In recent weeks, the Cyanogen CEO has already been noted making a bunch of comments in regards to the future of Cyanogen and the future of Android in general. However, it seems McMaster has been on the receiving end of what other people have been thinking over the last 24 hours. The Cyanogen CEO has been responding to comments on his twitter account, from those looking to know when they will receive their Cyanogen OS 12 update.

The sudden demand for knowing actually came about from comments made by OnePlus and not Cyanogen. Almost two weeks ago, the OnePlus team posted an official blog announcement confirming that Cyanogen OS 12 would begin rolling out to the OnePlus One on March 31st. This was following the announced roll out of the OnePlus homegrown OS, OxygenOS which was supposed to begin rolling out on March 27th. Needless to say, neither OSes rolled out on their schedule date and as such, a few OnePlus One owners are somewhat frustrated. Hence, they took to twitter. In fact, in response to one particularly tweeter who asked when the update would begin rolling out, McMaster responded with “guys… calm the f down… it’s coming soon… when ready!“.

This particular response has now seemed to begin a debate all of its own, with some users quite frankly, surprised McMaster would respond in such a way and to such a question. Of course, not everyone feels the same and some users are happy to come to McMaster’s and Cyanogen’s defence, noting the update will come when it comes. However, the conversation is ongoing with those amazed at McMaster’s latest comment and those not that surprised, arguing the point. Again, it is worth remembering that McMaster was not the one who initially spelt out the dates of the OTA. In fact, traditionally, Cyanogen (both in OS and Mod form) are known not to explicitly define rollout dates, as they are well versed in what happens when an OTA date is given and not met. Either way, you can click the source link below to see how the conversation is unfolding.