CRTC Publishes 3-Year-Plan to Modernize Canada's Communications


Canada's telecommunication landscape always seems to be in flux – the Big Three continue to rule the wireless airwaves, the Federal Government is always trying to improve competition by bending/changing the rules to give new entrants a chance to help lower prices, all in an effort to lower the prices that customers must pay for their mobile services.  In their latest efforts, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) published its new Three-Year-Plan, defining six goals it wants to accomplish between the years 2015 to 2018.  The plan is designed to help Canadians prepare for future moves that the CRTC will carry out.

Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC said, "The Three-Year Plan is the Commission's commitment to Canadians to pursue its efforts to modernize the communication system. We plan to undertake a number of activities to enable Canadians to step into the digital future with confidence and to ensure that the communication system protects their health and safety."  The plan by CRTC is being put in place to ensure that all Canadians have access to a world-class communication system.  There are six key goals that CRTC has laid out:

"The introduction of the revised framework established with the Let's Talk TV initiative, which includes the development of a draft code to help consumers make informed choices about their TV service providers and to make the service agreements easier to understand – the review of basic telecommunications services to ensure that Canadians have access to world-class telecommunications services that will allow them to participate actively in the digital economy – an assessment of the accessibility of mobile wireless handsets for Canadians with disabilities – a review of the reliability of the 9-1-1 network in Canada and of the next generation of 9-1-1 services – continued joint efforts between the CRTC and its partners, both in Canada and abroad, to protect Canadians from unsolicited communications by telephone and by email – and the continued implementation of the Voter Contact Registry."


The mandate of the CRTC is to serve Canada's public interests by providing them with a communications system second to none.  Then they work to promote and enforce compliance through regulatory policies.  From their language, it looks like they will be more aggressive in enforcing net neutrality and "to ensure that Canadians have access to world-class telecommunications services that will allow them to participate actively in the digital economy."  Studies have shown that more and more Canadians are using their wireless mobile device and even cutting their landlines.

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