Chainfire Releases Mobile ODIN Successor In The Form Of FlashFire, Although Only As Beta Preview

April 9, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Installing a new ROM or OS can be a highlight of a rooted android user’s day, week or month. For instance, if you own a OnePlus One and had been waiting patiently for OxygenOS (or for that matter, still waiting on Cyanogen OS 12), then you will know how it feels to finally get the news that the download is available (or to be still waiting) and begin the flashing of the OS/ROM to your device. However the process of installing ROMs and can be a tedious one. For those well versed in flashing and installing, maybe this is not so much an issue. But for those new to this sort of thing (or for those flash for too often), the process can become time consuming.

This is where options like Mobile ODIN come in. Apps like this, offer users a quick route to flashing firmware onto their device. Simply download the firmware, open the app and hit the flash button. Well, the developer behind Mobile ODIN, Chainfire (who is also the developer behind SuperSU) has now released a new app in the form of FlashFire. In fact, those who already use Mobile ODIN will hit the ground running when it comes to FlashFire, as Chainfire notes this is Mobile ODIN’s “spiritual successor”. As such, you can expect a similar level of features and abilities all wrapped within a newer and more up-to-date app.

If you are thinking about giving the app a try, then here is what you need to know. The app is in a very early beta stage and as such is only available as a private beta preview. Therefore, you need to click here to join the Google+ community. Once there, you will be able to register as a beta tester and then eventually gain access to the app on Play Store. As per usual with this sort of download, there might be a slight delay between ‘becoming a tester’ and seeing the access on the Play Store become available. Similar to Mobile ODIN, there will be a Pro version of the app available and if you already own the Mobile ODIN Pro license, Chainfire states you will also gain access to the pro features of this app, without having to pay again. That is, as long as you are using the same email account. You can read more by clicking the source link below and heading over to the dedicated XDA thread. Either way, experienced or not, it is also worth remembering that a lot of damage can be done to devices, if apps like this are used incorrectly or without the required knowledge. So as always, be safe, be informed on what you are doing and back up.