Carl Pei: 75% Possibility The OnePlus One Will Begin To See CM12S Today


If you are the proud owner of a OnePlus One, then you are probably by now starting to wonder if your CM12S update is ever going to arrive. That is due to what seems a constant moving of the goalposts over the last few weeks. The OnePlus team had originally stated that CM12s would begin rolling out to devices by the end of March. A few days after the company was scheduled to roll-out their own homegrown OS, OxygenOS. Well, both dates came and went with neither OS making their scheduled appearance.

OxygenOS did of course finally get released. However, it was a week after the initially touted date. By which time, CM12S was still nowhere to be seen. The reason giving for the delay for both OxygenOS and CM12S was the supposed waiting on certification to be approved by Google. Once OxygenOS received its go-ahead, the download was made available. That said, CM12S did seem to be taking longer to be certified. However, that also changed, when on Friday Carl Pei of OnePlus announced that CM12S had been certified and would be rolling out in the "next few days". Well, it has been a few days and there is so far, little known about when the update will land.


Well, it looks like Pei has become tired of hearing the "when will it land" question and sent out a couple of tweets about the situation. Firstly, the big one. Pei states there is a seventy-five percent chance that the roll-out will begin today. Followed by lesser probabilities for tomorrow and Wednesday. Suggesting that by Wednesday it should almost definitely have began and that it is most likely to begin today. Pei also noted that he has decided to talk in terms of percentages as they have learned it is "irresponsible to give ETA's when we're not sure". Pei also advised that the update will include One devices in India. Lastly, Pei notes that the 'probably of roll-out' should not be confused with the 'roll out percentage'. Clearly suggesting that this is a staggered rollout and even though it is likely to begin today, it probably won't land on everyone's devices today. Either way though, the long awaited Cyanogen-based update for the OnePlus One does seem to be continuing to edge closer.

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