Camera Battle: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Now that our reviews are out of the way for the HTC One M9, and the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's time to do some camera comparisons. First up is the Galaxy Note 4 vs the Samsung Galaxy S6. It's worth noting that the Galaxy Note 4 is on Verizon and is running on Lollipop as well. So it's going to be a pretty close comparison here. We took both devices out and took a ton of pictures. Some are in daylight, some in low light, some indoors, and some at night (what I like to call extreme low light). They are all down below for you, and broken down into each of those categories.


These images were taken outside in daylight, some were taken when it was really cloudy though, as you can probably tell. The Galaxy Note 4 is on the left and the Galaxy S6 on the right.


A few of these were taken inside, but with plenty of light (thanks windows and sun light!). Again, the Galaxy Note 4 is on the left, and the Galaxy S6 is on the right.


Low light

These were taken in low light conditions, and a few were taken without much of any light at all. Similar to the two categories above, the Galaxy Note 4 is on the left with the Galaxy S6 on the right.

Final Thoughts

These images have been shrunken to make loading this page easier. I have posted all of these pictures in their full native resolution over on Google+. You can check those out here.

The Galaxy Note 4 does take some pretty amazing photos, however, I'd have to say the Galaxy S6 has it beat. The Galaxy S6 seems to handle auto better than the Galaxy Note 4as well, some of that can be seen in the daylight photos above. The Galaxy S6 also seems to be able to focus in a whole lot quicker than the Galaxy Note 4. That's most evident in night shots or low-light shots. Which is really impressive. It's almost as fast the LG G3 was with its laser auto-focus that the Galaxy S6 doesn't have. Pretty impressive.

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