AT&T HTC One (M8) Android 5.0 OTA Begins Rolling out Today

HTC One (M8) users on AT&T have something to be particularly happy about, as HTC begins the Android 5.0 OTA process today.  News of the update being ready for release was brought to us by Mo Versi, the vice president of product management at HTC. In a Twitter update he posted, "AT&T HTC One (M8) Owners! We just received technical approval for Lollipop OS! Thank you for all your patience, OTA to start tomorrow." AT&T will actually be the last major U.S. carrier to be giving HTC One (M8) owners the gift of Android Lollipop. Device variants from Verizon, Sprint, as well as T-Mobile have already received their lollipop updates showing that AT&T's certification process for firmware updates is a bit slower. Users can expect staggered roll outs of the sweet lollipop goodness, and its well worth the wait with a slew of new features and performance improvements.

Not only will HTC One (M8) users on AT&T be receiving a user interface upgrade in the form of material design elements, but also features such as the ART runtime capability succeeding the dated Dalvik runtime. The Android 5.0 update will bring with it a system-wide update allowing material design aspects to surface throughout the software. Improved animation speeds, lower memory usage, and an added battery saver feature are among the many upgrades that come alongside with Android lollipop. HTC One (M8) users on AT&T will now be able to take advantage of the full range of Android lollipop features priority notifications, screen pinning, and of course the built in Flappy Bird Clone as the usual Easter Egg.

Considering how long HTC One (M8) users have had to wait for the Android lollipop update, it will most definitely be a welcome update to last year's flagship smartphone from HTC. While the update will most likely take some time to reach all users, after waiting this long on AT&T, most are probably happy the update is here at last. Shortly after the update begins rolling out the update file will probably make its way onto the forums over at XDA-Developers anyways. Either way, HTC One (M8) owners on AT&T can get in on the update one way or another.

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