Apple Versus Android Fight Spills over From Virtual To Real; Lands Two Men In Jail For Assault

If you're like me and grew up in the days when Apple vs. Windows was all the rage for the technologically inclined and technophobes alike, the whole iOS vs. Android debate that's virtually taken over the comments sections on tech sites all over the internet over the past few years may seem like 'd©j  vu all over again'.

Most of these virtual debates, although often times get personal and devolve into name-calling, mostly tend to stay put in the virtual world. Unfortunately for two men in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that fight apparently spilled over from the virtual to the real world and ended in a bloody scuffle, that landed both of them in jail. According to reports, roommates Jiro Mendez and Elias Ecevo had gotten into a drunken fight to establish once and for all, the superiority of the mobile computing platform of their choice. There's no word however about which one of the two flag bearers of their respective platforms was on which side and who - if anyone at all - won the fight.

According to reports, a little after midnight on the morning of April 17th, Police were called to an apartment complex to investigate the curious case of a bloody person walking around the parking lot. They found the two me; both were hurt and bleeding from their wounds. Mendez was the one in the parking lot and Ecevo had remained inside their apartment. The two men had apparently been drinking, when they started their verbal debate over the mobile platform of their choice, which then quickly escalated into them stabbing each other with broken beer bottles. At some stage, Ecevo got out of their shared apartment and allegedly stole Mendez's car, which the police later recovered with blood stains in the interior.

Both men were taken to a hospital for treatment, and thankfully, hospital authorities say that the injuries are not life-threatening. They have both been booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. There was however, no word on whether the two were able to in fact, come to a conclusion on which platform was indeed the better one.

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