Android How To: Set up Peel Smart Remote to Control your TV on the HTC One M9


So you've just picked up the HTC One M9. It's a beautiful device, now isn't it? Now that our review is done, we are going through the HTC One M9, and breaking down everything inside the device, as well as putting together some nice tutorials for our new Android folks picking up the HTC One M9. Or those that have not used a HTC smartphone in a while, or ever. Today we're talking about Peel's Smart Remote app that's on the HTC One M9. Earlier we broke down the feature as to what is and how it works. Now we're going to show you how to set it up to control your TV.

Peel Smart Remote uses your HTC One M9 as a remote control for your TV. But it's not like any other remote that you'd get with your TV, as it has the TV guide built right in, and you can also control multiple TV's with the same app. So here's how you set it up to work with your TV:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on "Start"
  3. Now choose your cable provider (NOTE: If you do not have a cable provider, choose "Broadcast or Over the Air")
  4. Next choose your gender and age range. (This is how Peel personalizes recommendations for TV shows and movies to watch)
  5. Now turn off your TV
  6. Select "Yes, My TV is Off"
  7. Select your TV Brand, then select "Next"
  8. Press the power button labeled "Button 1", make sure your HTC One M9 is pointed at the TV.
  9. If your TV turned on, press "YES".
  10. Now you'll do the same for your cable or satellite box
  11. Next you can sign in with Facebook or Google to save your settings and back them up as well. You can opt out of that.
  12. Choose the packages and languages you are subscribed to through Comcast.
  13. Now hit Done.
  14. And you're all set

Take s a bit of time, but it is pretty easy to set up. And the experience with Peel Smart Remote is actually really nice.

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