Android Headliner: Xiaomi Looking To Conquer Indian Market, Will They Succeed?

Xiaomi has managed to become China's number one smartphone manufacturer in only 4 years. The company was founded back in 2010 and last year Xiaomi has managed to become the first smartphone manufacturer in China. This Chinese smartphone OEM is also the fifth placed smartphone vendor in the world, which is also commendable considering that they don't officially operate outside of Asia. That being said, Xiaomi is planning all sorts of expansions in the future. The company is selling their devices through resellers in India, and accessories are available through the official webpage. Xiaomi does plan to open up shop in India later this year and manufacture devices there however, we'll see how long will it take for the company to actually go through with those plans.

Anyhow, Xiaomi has managed to dethrone Samsung in China and seriously impact the sales of that South Korean tech giant in China. Xiaomi intends to beat both Samsung and Apple in India as well, they've recently announced the Mi 4i mid-range device which will cost only $200 off-contract, which is a killer price for such a well-specced and well-built device. Other OEMs are finding it hard to compete with Xiaomi because this vendor tends to be really competitive as far as pricing goes, and you usually find very few trade-offs in their products. The Mi 4i is specially designed for the Indian market, at least according to Xiaomi. The fact that the device will reach other markets soon kind of defeats the whole point, but... there you have it.

Indian market is very competitive and the lower the price the better chances are you'll sell the device. Consumers are looking for quality and solid specs as well though, of course. OEMs such as Micromax are doing really well in India, this India-based OEM holds 22% market share in India while Samsung is second-placed and holds 20% market share. Apple is not doing that well in India, they're the number eight OEM over there, and considering the amount of attention Xiaomi is giving to the Indian market, they could get ahead of Apple by the end of the year. According to some info provided by Canalys, 23% of smartphones sold in India are devices priced under $100 and 41% of smartphones were priced between $100 and $200. This only proves that you need to release a competitively priced smartphone in order to strive in India. Apple is definitely not the brand which will offer a device which is nowhere near that price, the company's iPhone 6 (16GB) handset is sold for Rs. 48,500 ($782), while Xiaomi is selling their 16GB Mi 4 handset for $290. Just for comparison's sake, of course, but you can almost purchase three Xiaomi Mi 4 handsets instead of one iPhone 6 unit.

Xiaomi has been selling their devices exclusively through Flipkart for quite some time and has recently announced that it's ending that exclusivity and partnering up with Amazon and Snapdeal as well. So the company now has multiple retailers to sell their devices in India until they eventually start up shop over there. It will be interesting to see how many devices Xiaomi will sell by the end of the year and how will their market share look, no doubt about it. It is safe to assume that it won't take that long for Xiaomi to get ahead of Apple in India, at least if we consider the aforementioned stats, of course. Interestingly enough, the two companies are almost on par in China, though Xiaomi is in the slight lead in its homeland at the moment.

We've recently talked about the Indian market in general, and more or less proved that it has huge potential. The Indian market is currently at the point where the Chinese market was back in 2013, which is great for India. The growth-rate has been staggering over there and if you'd like to read more about that, click here. That being said, Xiaomi is more or less considering India its main target at the moment and the company probably won't stop until they climb to top, or at least amongst the top 3 companies in India. That certainly won't be an easy task though, Micromax and Samsung are doing exceptionally well in India. What do you think, how long will it take for Xiaomi to reach being in the top 3 smartphone OEMs in India? Will they manage to do that at all?

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