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The Nexus is always one of the most anticipated launches of the year. In some aspects, even more anticipated than the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note unveilings. Although, I think a big reason for that is that we get a new version of Android with the Nexus each year. We've had quite a few Nexus' devices over the years. It started with the HTC Nexus One in early 2010, followed by the Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. Next up was LG with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, and the last Nexus smartphone was Motorola who made the Nexus 6. We've also seen some Nexus tablets including the Nexus 10 from Samsung, Nexus 9 from HTC and Nexus 7 from ASUS.

Naturally, we'd think the next Nexus smartphone would be the Nexus 7, right? But wait, we've already had a Nexus 7, actually we've had two of them. So what could Google possibly name the next Nexus? Well they could go the route of most other OEMs and do Nexus 7 (2015). But boy that'd be confusing. Even though Google has stopped doing the Nexus 7 tablets, and moved to a 9-inch tablet in the Nexus 9 from HTC. Perhaps the Nexus 6 (2015)? A little less confusing since the name wasn't shared by two tablets. Google might even start with an entirely new brand. Either way, Google has to do something this year with the Nexus line, as far as naming goes.

While we're talking about the name right now, I don't think many are going to care about the name of the device. But care more about the device itself. Currently, Huawei is rumored to be manufacturing the device. Which brings up a whole lot of red flags, especially for people in the US. After all, Huawei is funded by the Chinese government. And China isn't exactly friends with the US. But let's not get into that right now.

Since it is Huawei, at least according to the rumor mill, that's creating the next Nexus. Maybe it'll be the Nexus Ascend? That could be a way for Google to work in their partners brand along with the Nexus. Nexus Ascend, Nexus One M10, Nexus G4, etc. Although it'd get a bit messy and hard to decipher the different generations.

We shouldn't see the next Nexus until later this fall. Which is when Google normally unveils the new version of Android and new Nexus devices. However, rumors and reports have been showing us that we may see one earlier than that, which would be a 64-bit device. The Nexus 6 is not a 64-bit smartphone, as it is running the Snapdragon 805. So you have a 64-bit OS being showcased on a 32-bit device.

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